The majority of video games demand relatively high interactive skills from players. However mainstream games rarely challenge the user much conceptually. Conversely 'interactive' art often utilises very simplistic forms of user interaction while presenting more abstract and conceptual ideas. Is it possible to make work that can present complex concepts and also allow for the development of 'user skill' (and deeper interactivity) in manipulating those ideas?

AvSeq is an abstract sound sequencing game. The player captures and links sound-objects together, various combinations when released activate changes in the audio sequence of the game. In turn the game environment responds visually to the developing audio track. The player can therefore manipulate the progress of the game both aurally and visually. High scores and complex patterns are rewarded with access to more game levels and objects.

The software is near to completion and will hopefully be released for download soon.
It uses OPENGL for rendering and DX for audio, so a MAC OS port is possible.

(Thanks to dan @ carbon based games for use of the cabinet!)

(Installation Shots)

(Screen Shots)

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