VST Plugins
The following plugins are part of the ongoing development of VST effects.
The plugins should be available for both mac and pc and can be used in a wide range of spund processing applications (Cubase,Logic,Nuendo,Sonar e.t.c.)
Recently the original set of plugins has been recoded to eliminate some of the bugs that appeared in the first release.

plugpack2.zip (PC) approx 690kb
plugpack2.sit.hqx (MAC) approx 730kb

The older pack is still available
( Z-BandSpin,Z-FilterDub,Z-Florus,Z-Stepper under slightly different names)
plugpack1.zip (PC) plugpack1.sit.hqx (MAC)

I have also recoded Z-Florus,Z-FilterDub,Z-Stepper,Z-BandSpin,Z-Cutter and Z-Ringer.
These versions have wet/dry mix sliders but use the standard VST interface (no nice graphics!).
They also lack any default fx-programs, but this stripped down version may suit more people (spose its less likely to crash too!)
no-gui-plugs.zip (PC) about 400k, PC only at the moment.

Contents of PlugPack2
Improved versions of plugpack1 vsts:
Z-Florus: stereo flanger/chorus
Z-FilterDub: 24db lowpass dub style
Z-Stepper: variable size delay buffer with skipping read
Z-BandSpin: stereo 2 bandpass with delay

+ 4 new vsts....
Z-Cutter: double tremelo stereo cutter effect (from slow trems to bubble sounds)
Z-Ringer: bitcrusher-lowpassfilter-ringmod-comb filter
Z-SpShift: phase-vocoder pitchshifter, with controls for shift size/direction, range to shift, and band modulation.
Z-SpVoc: spectral Vocoder, with scaling, smearing and carrier wave modulation.
(Z-SpShift & Z-SpVoc are quite CPU hungry because they are FFT style vsts)

The readouts on your sliders go from zero to one,
I haven't been bothered to work out the correct translations to Hz range, db e.t.c.
Sorry.. but what do you expect for free?
Unstuff/unzip and place in your plugins directory.
Updated versions and any bug fixes will be added here.
If the plugins act wierd, just deselect them and then reselect them to reset.
If you do find any annoying bugs in these plugins then please email info@nullpointer.co.uk.

(Screen Shots)

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