Nullpointer.co.uk is the website of Tom Betts.

I’m a partial-academic with a Phd in ‘videogames and the sublime’.

I used to be a musician and a digital artist, but mainly I’m a self taught programmer who makes GAMES that generally feature procedural generation or generative art.

Sometimes I do TALKS about these topics and I also make a lot of EXPERIMENTS in the areas of proc-gen-audiovisual-art. you can find most of my finished games on ITCH.IO or STEAM.

Aside from the casually updated posts on this website you can also find bits from me on

flickr | twitter | youtube | vimeo (kind of old)

You can contact me at the obvious email address.(This is my website, my name is tom). If you are looking for the old nullpointer site its archived here (more details on my art career and some music stuff)