endless fire

Abstract Vector Shmup
beta version 2 May 2005
DOWNLOAD (PC 3.4mb zip)

Fight an infinite army of generated enemy ships.
Enemy attack patterns evolve over time becoming more complex and aggresive.

Controls: (redefinable)
Arrow keys – move
Z- fire spread
X- fire stream
C- use Shield (limited number of uses)

Each enemy destroyed with Z-fire releases green multiplier cells (multiplier descreases over time)
Each enemy destroyed with X-fire releases yellow score stars (worth current multiplier)
Shoot with Z to raise multiplier then shoot with X to increase score
Extra Shield and Life every 50000 points (to max of 3)

Turn Psycho FX on by pressing P at the menu
Turn Music on/off by pressing M at the menu

Produced in a week or so, exploring ‘spirograph’ maths as bullet generation routines. The enemies also evolve over time, being more likely to use weapons that have successfully destroyed you already. This indie shmup was released on a PC Gamer UK cd in 2008.

OpenGL compatible card..
tested on WinXP 3ghz gfxcard 128mb

Even found a youtube video of someone playing it!