In a continuation of my Butterflies workshop I teamed up with Lovebytes to produce a region-wide butterfly design project. I updated the software to keep track of over 1400 butterflies that were created in 13 school workshops across South Yorkshire. Laura Mundy and Janet Jennings ran the workshops, producing a vast database of butterflies that were brought to life on data porjectors during the workshops and then stored for later, each tagged with a unique code.

The children were given a QR code sticker to attach to their butterfly. After all the workshops had been completed where was an exhibition at the Millenium Galleries in Sheffield where children could bring their butterflies back to life in the installation by scanning in their code with a camera setup in the gallery.

QR code stickers

Millenium Galleries workshop 1

Millenium Galleries workshop 2

Butterflies on screen

Find yours!

Catch ’em if you can

Video Extract

Butterfly Project from Tom Betts on Vimeo.

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