Formal prints

Ive been really into structural and formal artwork for years, particularly early computer art and minimalist works by artists such as Sol LeWitt, and in an attempt to decorate my rather spartan walls I decided to generate a few systematic prints using code and pixels. I used unity and jsut made a few simple iterative scritps that write into a texture and then save the resulting texture as a png/gif.

The first peice is a recreation of a computer art work based on all the possible moore neighbourhood combinations.

The next is all the linear steps of a 0-255 sequence in binary

Then Ive tried a few variations on the nine-square quilting pattern, using every combination of 4 tile types.
The following tests are at different seperations for each ninetile group.

These images were originally produced pixel accurate as really small gifs, I had to scale them up carefully (without any bilinear filtering etc) so they could get large enough to print but without losing the sharp definitions of the individual pixel forms. On the whole they came out pretty well, I might post an image of the final framed versions when i get a decent shot.