Permutation Racer

So, I have also been working away on another part of my PHD research. This is the final game in a three part series that began with Avseq, continued with In Ruins and is now closing with a new game “Permutation Racer”. This will bring the trilogy of research games to a close and represents a few years of developing procedural and permutation based game ideas.

‘Permutation Racer’ is an experimental, endless racing game, again exploring the procedural construction of space.
It’s part of my ongoing research to investigate ideas that connect games, permutation and the sublime. The race track is generated from a series of noise filtered ‘biome’ styling functions. There are about 12 region types ranging from chasms to archways and caves, all generated in real time as the player progresses. I might post a more technical article about the actual methods used later. The only aim is to travel as far as possible, hampered by the fact that over time/distance the generation algorithms make the track more hazardous and convoluted.

How to play:

Race against the clock.
Through a procedurally generated world.
Pass hex gates to increase the time limit.
Collect gems to fill the charge bar.
Then press Boost for a short burst of speed.
Jump to avoid barriers and glitch bombs.
Press Self Destruct to escape dead ends.

Default keys:
Arrows- Move, Space- Jump,
Left Shift- Boost, X- Self destruct
Use of a gamepad is recommended.

The audio is a generative mix of material by Noel Murphy

you can grab the files here

Permutation Racer PC
Permutation Racer OSX

p.s. feel free to ask me any questions about the project on twitter @tomnullpointer