Links to Slides/Video

Rather than make a new post for every talk I do or slides I upload. I’m going to gather them here as a list of links.

Selected talks/engagements
I am currently finishing my PHD (practice based) “Procedural games and the digital sublime”, due for completion in 2014.

Presentation @ GDC SanFranciso “Immanuel Kant’s Coding Dojo” VIDEO/SLIDES (Soon)

Presentation @ GDC SanFranciso “Creating FPS Open Worlds Using Procedural Techniques” VIDEO/SLIDES

Presentation @ Brighton Unity Users Group : Using Procedural Methods

Presentation @ GaME12 : @ Imperial college London SLIDES

Presentation @ London Unity User Group : Procedural methods and Unity VIDEO @ London Southbank University

Presentation @ Nexus04 @ Bartlett school of architecture, London

Presentation @ Indievelopment Conference 2013 Amsterdam

Presentation @ A bit of alright, Independent games conference 2013 VIDEO

Presentation at Unite Nordic (Nordic Game conference) VIDEO

Presentation @ Rezzed, Birmingham NEC : Procedural Generation and Independent Development VIDEO

Presentation @ DotBrighton Grow Yourself a Game SLIDES

DIGRA 2011 : Think Design Play (Paper and presentation) Pattern Recognition & the Gestalt PDF

Book Chapter Handbook of Digital Games on Procedural Generation
IEEE / Wiley Publication

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