Pure Data Patches

Pure Data is a modular dsp system by Miller Puckette.
See www.pure-data.org for more details
You must have PD installed to run any of these patches.

PD Drum machine
An 808 style drum machine.
Up to 10 user sample instruments, up to 200 bars.
drum-machine.zip (280k) with samples

PD Pulse Grain Generator
A pulsar like grain generator (single grain train) with automated/ controllable properties.
Envelope size/shape, Grain spacing, Grain Pitch, Grain Pan.
pulse-grain-generator.zip (50k)

PD Example Semi-Generative tune
A simple set of patches demonstrating simple generative composition techniques.
For newbie users to check out and reverse engineer.(clocks,sequencing,synths e.t.c.)
pd-demo.zip (14k)


More to come…..

5 responses to “Pure Data Patches”

  1. Lee says:

    Hi Tom

    I’m not sure how long ago you did this – but I have recently discovered PD and found your drum machine.
    Thanks for posting this on the PD forum – it’s been a great help.

    To try to help me get around the intricacies of PD I’ve been tweaking it somewhat. I’ve added controls on the main patch interface to control pitch, dry/wet/roomsize, start time and duration.
    Its gets a bit memory hungry if you add wetness to all the sounds but that might just be my 5 year old laptop. check out a screengrab on my blog.

    Also – because I added receive elements into the instrument subpatches I decided to separate them into individual sub patches of their own.

    I’m waffling now.

    Anyway – Thanks loads for uploading your original drum machine – it’s been a great tool the experiment with.


  2. Ive recently started a blog, the info you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

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  4. Nice website. Thanks for sharing such great information. Regards, Brian

  5. Tib says:

    Hi Tom, great drum machine, I am working on an iOS app using PD, I have developed one using pitch however I have never seen one written like yours.
    You designed it well and I love it.
    May I use some of your masterpiece in my app (actually I would be tempted to start from scratch and re write it using your idea)?

    best regards

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