Sir, You Are Being Hunted


I really should have posted something about this sooner, especially since I’ve been writing posts about it over on Big Robot for a while now. Sir, You Are Being Hunted, is the next game we are producing at Big Robot, it follows our Channel4 project Fallen City and the conversion of my abstract experimental audiovisual game AvSeq which is due to arrive on steam in teh next month or so.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a ‘tweedpunk’ Stalker-like exploration and combat game, set in a procedurally generated English Country landscape. It came about during our experiments with the infinite Lodestone engine. The technology were were developing for Lodestone was fantastic, but we wanted to experiment with how combat and other fps/rpg elements might work in a procedural world. The conceptual framework that James and Jim thought up was the dreamlike setting of Sir, a very British sort of sci-fi drawing from influences in 70s films and classic Dr Who episodes.

The main bulk of work so far has been in the creation of the world engine and its production of both the general aesthetic and the implementation of key game objective via the generation process. Recently we have had Dan Puzey come on board to help out with the AI work (Dans code makes me look like im still working in Sinclair BASIC). Things are progressing steadily, but we still have a long way to go and a lot of balancing to do.

Working on Sir, is one of the reasons this blog has become quieter over the last few months, I’ve written quite an in depth article on some of the tech here and I will be writing more on the Big Robot site as the project progresses. This doesn’t mean I will be in an isolation tank coding for the next year, I recently gave a talk on procedurality and infinity at Imperial in London As part of GAME12. I’ve also been nosing around at Rezzed and at the Valve Greenlight launch. Ill try and post a pdf of the Imperial talk soon and Im on the Big Robot Forums if anyone wants to ask about how Sir is progressing. We’ve already had a lot of interest in the project and we are all really excited to see how it will evolve.

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