rand()% is a collaboration with Joe Gilmore.

rand()% is a realtime streaming radio station broadcasting across the Internet. rand()% is a host for computer driven / user defined audio programming that is entirely automated, where every programme transmitted is composed in realtime by computer. All audio is generated on demand by a unique series of artist / musician developed programs. This is an ongoing project with contributions invited through the website.

mail rand@nullpointer.co.uk
or visit http://www.r4nd.org for more details.

int rand ( void );
Generate random number.
Returns a pseudo-random number in the range from 0 to RAND_MAX constant.
This is generated by an algorithm that returns a series of non-related numbers each time is called.
This algorithm should be initialized to different starting points using function srand to generate more realistic random numbers. RAND_MAX is a constant defined in stdlib.h. Its default value is implementation defined.
Return Value.
An integer value between 0 and RAND_MAX.
Defined in ANSI-C.

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