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All new content is now here (including thinkinggames)
This website is staying around as an archive of sorts
Nullpointer presentation at Freeplay Australian Independent Games/Art conference.
Nullpointer presentation at NTI NFT London Games/Art conference.
Codespace website re-designed, to focus on more game/art content.
rand()% presentation/Nullpointer performance at Sonar Festival.
rand()% featured at BBC Cut&Splice Festival.
rand()% presentation at Cybersonica April/May.
nullpointer Shmup talk at ScreenPlay 2005 festival in Nottingham.
Details on codespace. (see below)
www.codespace.co.uk now open. This is a sister site to nullpointer.
A repository for technical documents, downloads and discussion.
CCTEX shown at MediaCity 2004 Biennale S.Korea(15 Dec++)
rand()% included in the Algorithmic Revolution exhibition at ZKM 31st Oct 04 +
rand()% exhibition and talk at Media Centre Huddersfield Oct/Nov
Nullpointer featured in Game/Art article in Edge magazine (Oct/Nov)
CCTEX project to be presented at the Evolution Film festival in Leeds (Nov 1st)
Some new images from the QQQ installlation in Paris.
DVD in production for FSKN game demo mod.
rand()% to be presented at Sonic Acts festival in Amsterdam (Sept).
rand()% to be presented at ReadMe/RunMe festival in Denmark (end Aug).
QQQ included in Villette Numerique exhibition in Paris (Spet/Oct).
Nullpointer playing at Placard headphone festival in London this Sat (17 July).
Some photos here and here from a recent performance in Mexico City.
rand()% audio tracks at Sonar 2004
Nullpointer solo show at Museo Tamayo Mexico City (19th May++)
Mobile dev talk and Avseq shown at Feed Festival
Nullpointer presentation and performance at RTI / Access Space 4th birthday
Plug-in project completed, more data available
Weevil LP and Ep released (5th April), Video under production
Weevil just finished a UK tour with Athlete/Snow Patrol
q-q-q.net updated with installation shots from NYC and Rotterdam.
Painting by Numbers project to be shown at the 'Artist House' in Leeds (Jan 04).
QQQ to be shown at the Film Festival in Rotterdam(Jan 04).
Q now available to download.
QQQ on show in Killer Instinct, q-q-q.net also updated.
Images of avseq in installation at Ultrasound.
rand()% was launched at ultrasound 2003 along with
a gameboy performance.
rand()% generative radio project now testing online at www.r4nd.org
more details in the projects section
QQQ to be shown at Killer Instinct an exhibition at
the New Museum, NYC (Dec-Jan)
More info online about Plug-In mobile project
I'm talking at the DRU 03 in Huddersfield on the 15th Oct
(with Michael Atavar, Alexei Shulgin, Rachel Reupke).
nullpointer awarded 'PLUG-IN' (arts council) commission to create an
abstract new game for a mobile platform. Details and project progress soon
QQQ being shown in Games (modification as art)
exhibition in Dortmund, Germany
Q and dividebyzero being showing in the Abstraction Now exhibition, Austria.
New Webtracer2 demo is available for download.
Uploaded some gameboy synth tracks. Super Mario Funk! (1-4)
Details on CCTEX uploaded. A new game/3d environment mapped with cctv input
Q mod to be shown as part of Radical Entertainment at the ICA, London
Images and info on the new and updated WebTracer2 program
Nullpointer speaking at the ICA Cybersonica Festival
(with Alex McLean and Leafcutter John)
BitmapSequencer featured at the Readme 2.3 Festival in Helsinki
Live images added to the pixelmap page
Nullpointer will be speaking on a panel 'Games, Games, Games' (5th June)
and presenting a workshop (16th June) as part of the Lab3D at the
More images/info from the PeaceKeeper installation.
The final score was 4408 v 2204 over 11 days and nights of conflict
Information/images added for the AvSeq project
Nullpointer to provide/process sounds for the opening of Wear Me! (at Magna)
33 Towngate / Thurlstone / S36 9QY / UK
Mailing List(closed)

QQQ > A modified game environment
rand()% > generative internet radio
CCTEX > A covert-observation game environment
WebTracer > 3d website visualizer
AvSeq > An abstract sound-sequencing game
PeaceKeeper > A modified-warzone game environment
BitMapSequencer > GFX to Audio sequencer
Q > an experimental game mod (with download)
FSKN > experimental game demo mod DVD
Painting by Numbers > flexible, traditional digital art
Vendor Refill > Experimental electronic music
Weevil > Wayward pop? music
dividebyzero > Auto-generative website
Audiopool > Self sequencing/sampling audio sound toy
PD > patches/externs for pure data
Pixelmap > A 2d audiovisual tool
Red Dragon > projects with experimental choreography

Moved towww.codespace.co.uk