Plug-In : An arts coucil technology residency

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Today’s Digital Media and Videogames Companies work with very specialised new media tools to produce cutting edge products. In the forefront of exploration are creative tools used in the development of new generation game consoles, mobile phone entertainment and interactive TV applications.

A three months residency will provide an artist to develop his/her own creative art practice by exploring such unique digital tools. Working alongside digital media industry professionals, the aim of the project is to investigate and produce innovative ideas on new digital platforms. The project focussed on developing an abstract series of visual toys for the symbian mobile platform (Nokia 3650,7650,nGage etc).

The following stages are documented (also listed above).
Certain sections may be overly technical, but some discussion of code and hardware in such a project is obviously necessary.

Research: The process of identifying the appropriate mobile platform.
Project Stage 1: Preparation for programming
Project Stage 2: Development issues and details
Project Stage 3: Final project outcome
Results & Links: Conclusions and pointers to further information

The inital project proposal is also detailed here, however the final project represents an inevitable development and deviation from this document.

iFone acted as the industry partner for the project.

Previous Work

Nullpointer has produced several previous projects t hat contribute to the background in which the Plug-In project will be developed
BitmapSequencer / Audiopool / AvSeq / PixelMap
(follow the links for more information hosted on this site)
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